Conscious swiping is the new dating trend

The swipe right or left interface has become synonymous with dating apps and online dating. It’s easy to use, fun and has made it easier than ever for people to meet up with new people or simply waste their time swiping through endless profiles. 

But there is a lighter side to this trend. Swiping with intention can improve the experience of finding Sydney escorts for the night or real love online. 

Swiping Is A Numbers Game

If you’re not playing the numbers game, you’ll probably not win. Swiping is a less-than-perfect way to meet someone. But if you can get past all that and see it as something else, an opportunity rather than an obligation, you’ll be able to live your best life.

Dating Apps Are Not Built To Look For Love

There are better ways to find love than dating apps. These were built with a particular purpose: to help people find someone they can hook up with or date. 

In other words, such apps are designed to help you find someone who wants the same thing as you do. It does not necessarily come up with what’s suitable for you in terms of long-term relationships if that’s your goal.

There are plenty of reasons why this is true, and most stem from how our brains work when on these platforms. For one thing, research shows people tend to swipe left to reject when seeing specific photos that turn them off immediately. 

Sexy girl in bra and panties looking at camera.

The Matchmaking Process Is Flawed

It’s not based on actual data and can be misleading. The amount of time people spend swiping through profiles is astronomical, and that’s just the beginning. If you get matched with someone, you must message them to see if they’re interested in chatting, which may result in being left on read. 

Making Superficial And Judgmental Decisions

The whole setup of dating apps encourages us to be superficial and judgmental. When you’re swiping through profiles and photos on dating apps, there’s no time for reflection, so doing so becomes an easy way to avoid making decisions and sticking with them. 

The swipe left or right interface makes it easy to keep swiping without thinking about it, which leads to an overabundance of superficial decisions. When you add in the matchmaking process, people can find potential mates who they wouldn’t consider dating in real life, and the algorithm will only show them more people who fit that description. 

Swipe With Intention Dating Trend

Swiping with intention can be a great way to improve the experience of finding love online. You don’t have to swipe left or right mindlessly anymore. Instead, you can use the apps to find people who are interested in you and perhaps share your values.

This is especially important if you’re looking for something serious, and most people are. But even if someone isn’t ready for commitment yet, they still deserve an opportunity to find their perfect match. 

In Conclusion

Swiping with intention can improve the experience of finding love online. You can find people who share your interests and values by using your brain and doing the search mindfully. Doing that will more likely lead to finding true love than a superficial match based on looks alone.